Growth, Scale, Fundraising Advisory

For Early-Growth Stage Startups


Idea Support

In-Depth Idea Analysis & Assessment

Detailed Market Research

Business Plan Development

Financial Strategy and Planning

Execution Support

Business Mentoring and Guidance

Growth Strategy

Communication & Go To Market Strategy

Business Support Advisory & SME connects (Compliance, Legal, Finance)

Fundraise Support

Fundraising and Startup Ecosystem Linkages

Process Support (Pre/Post Pitch Assists, Negotiation, Closure)

Strategic and Institutional Connects


Prior Experience

Early- Growth Stage VC Fund

Fundraising & Startup Investments

Strategy, Finance, Ops Consulting


Startup & Growth Advisory

Business & Fundraising Strategy

People & Network



It’s exciting being an entrepreneur. It is also hard and challenging. Starting up is relatively easy, but going from Idea to Execution to Fundraise is the tough part. This is where maximum number of Startups face challenges and this is where the most help is needed. UnoTumbler’s mission is to provide structured guidance and intervention to these startups – to work hands-on with them, make them scale ready and connect them with the right folks in the investment ecosystem.

Who Is This For

UnoTumbler is Startup/Entrepreneur focused. And sector agnostic.

  • Startups with Full Time Founder(s)
  • Early Stage (prototype/early traction) to Growth Stage (Seed & Series A Funded/Product Market Fit) Startups
  • Startups looking to solve a specific business or growth challenge
  • Startups looking to raise their seed/Series A rounds
  • For Founder(s) who are passionate, driven and high on learnability
  • For exciting ideas solving a clear market need


Startup support provided across HR Tech, Electric Mobility, Sales Tech, Media, Health Tech, Mental Wellness, Fin Tech & BPM Tech

  • PayReview (HR Tech): Gurgaon based Early Stage Compensation Technology Startup. Simplifying and Automating complex Compensation processes for Organizations
  • Batt:RE (Electric Mobility): Jaipur based Early Stage Startup. Developing Electric Two Wheeler Mobility products for the Aspirational Indian masses
  • Hyreo (HR Tech): Trivandrum based Early Stage Recruitment Data & Insights Startup. Solving the relevancy & process problem with an app-less AI/ML Based chatbot solution
  • 19th Mile (Sales Tech): Gurgaon based Early Stage Sales Enablement Startup. Sales Acceleration via AI/ML based Processes, Optimization, Motivation & Effectiveness elements
  • People Matters (Media): Gurgaon Based Mid Stage Media, Community and Events Company. Asia’s largest Talent Community with presence across India and SEA
  • Health Assure (Health Tech): Gurgaon/Mumbai based Mid Stage Company. India’s leading Primary Care Network player with linkages across Organizations and Insurance Players
  • WhiteLight (Mental Wellness): US/India based Early Stage Company with a network of healing centres. Operations across India, New York and Vienna
  • Numberz (Fin Tech): Gurgaon based Mid Stage Company in the Account Receivables space. Solving the AR problem for SMEs
  • Zimyo (Fin Tech): Gurgaon based Early stage company offering algorithm based Payday loans to the SME workforce
  • PeakScale (BPM Tech): Mumbai based Early Stage Company with an Operations Platform. Helping F&B, Retail & Real Estate sectors optimize and simplify their daily operations
  • Agnya (HR Tech): Gurgaon based Early stage company. A SaaS based People & Productivity Platform powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Collaborative Intelligence (Deep Tech): Gurgaon based Mid-Stage company with AI and Robotics based products. Applications across Defence, Smart Cities and Corporates
  • AuthBridge (Background Verification): Gurgaon based BGV company with newly launched Authentication verticals across Banking and Business Solutions.


Gurugram, India

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