Companies across HR Tech, Electric Mobility, Sales Tech, Media, Health Tech, Mental Wellness, Fin Tech & BPM Tech

  • PayReview (HR Tech): Gurgaon based Early Stage Compensation Technology Startup. Simplifying and Automating complex Compensation processes for Organizations (Acquired by PeopleStrong)
  • Batt:RE (Electric Mobility): Jaipur based Early Stage Startup. Developing Electric Two Wheeler Mobility products for the Aspirational Indian masses
  • Hyreo (HR Tech): Trivandrum based Early Stage Recruitment Data & Insights Startup. Solving the relevancy & process problem with an app-less AI/ML Based chatbot solution
  • 19th Mile (Sales Tech): Gurgaon based Early Stage Sales Enablement Startup. Sales Acceleration via AI/ML based Processes, Optimization, Motivation & Effectiveness elements
  • People Matters (Media): Gurgaon Based Mid Stage Media, Community and Events Company. Asia’s largest Talent Community with presence across India and SEA
  • Health Assure (Health Tech): Gurgaon/Mumbai based Mid Stage Company. India’s leading Primary Care Network player with linkages across Organizations and Insurance Players
  • WhiteLight (Mental Wellness): US/India based Early Stage Company with a network of healing centres. Operations across India, New York and Vienna
  • Numberz (Fin Tech): Gurgaon based Mid Stage Company in the Account Receivables space. Solving the AR problem for SMEs. (Acquired by Chargebee)
  • Zimyo (Fin Tech): Gurgaon based Early stage company offering algorithm based Payday loans to the SME workforce
  • PeakScale (BPM Tech): Mumbai based Early Stage Company with an Operations Platform. Helping F&B, Retail & Real Estate sectors optimize and simplify their daily operations
  • Agnya (HR Tech): Gurgaon based Early stage company. A SaaS based People & Productivity Platform powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Collaborative Intelligence (Deep Tech): Gurgaon based Mid-Stage company with AI and Robotics based products. Applications across Defence, Smart Cities and Corporates
  • AuthBridge (Background Verification): Gurgaon based BGV company with newly launched Authentication verticals across Banking and Business Solutions.